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Karuna Karma Soul Healing Course

This course helps you to balance the energy of your chakras and heal them on a daily basis. It unlocks your karma making it possible to heal it. It activates the different spheres in mind through meditation and improves your health through regular practice. Through continuous practice your aura (your energy sphere) gets balanced and you start experiencing positive changes in your career, health and relationships while experiencing a calm mind and peace. You can use this healing technique to heal yourself, heal others and make the energy of your home/office positive over a period of time.

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Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is a healing process involving crystals by which you can heal your mind. It helps you to remove the negative energy and memories from your subconscious mind and empower your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. With Psychic surgery, you can activate and strengthen your super conscious mind – your connection to your masters and to the universe. Psychic surgery has strong beneficial effects while dealing with illness and diseases because the mind-brain-body connection is strong. You can do psychic surgery for other people (even if they are at a distant location).

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A person’s energy is called his or her Aura. We all have an energy sphere around us which is composed of our physical energy (body energy), mind energy and energy of our chakras. With science and technology, it is possible today to photograph our energy, view it and analyze it. Through this we can understand our energy patterns, energy profile of our chakras, energy blocks in specific parts of our body and future energy patterns visible in our Aura. For many people, Aura can give a more detailed understanding about their problems as the root cause of their problems lies in the energy patterns of their chakras.

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Regression means going back in time. There are two main types of regression

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