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Regression means going back in time. There are two main types of regression

Present Life Regression

First, the subject is asked about his or her objective for doing regression. In this regression, the subject is relaxed and his or her subconscious mind is activated. Using a series of questions and guided steps, the subject is taken back to specific points in this life. The subject is able to witness some incidents or hear them as voices and understands as a neutral observer how these incidents have created a permanent emotional memory which is hindering his or her life even today. The subject is made to go ahead or go back spontaneously till more of such memories are healed and the lessons which were to be learnt are learnt. It is sometimes possible to do even in-womb regression where we deal with pre-birth life impressions. 2 to 3 such sessions helps a subject to progress faster in the healing process. Most people can do present life regression with ease.

Past Life Regression

In this process, the subject is made to relax and taken back into his or her past lives. The past life may be immediate past life or maybe a life which was lived many centuries back. This is a guided process aided by the spiritual masters or gurus of the subject and the main objective is to witness and understand events from past life and how they are affecting your present life. Many interesting incidents and present life connections are witnessed by the subject and the healer, who does this process, tries to simultaneously heal the same. It is important to know Karuna Karma Soul Healing technique before doing past life regression as the subject should be able to heal all the past memories which come to the surface. Past life regression is not possible for all people easily as their mind must be ready first to progress back in time.